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How to Keep Items in Plastic Storage Boxes

Most people know that the best way to store items that they want to keep for a while (or for life) is to pack them into plastic storage boxes. These containers will help keep the items away from dust, moisture, bacteria, and anything else that can destroy most things. However, storing your things in plastic boxes is not enough. You have to know how to store them properly, especially if they are to be put away for long term storage. Not storing items properly can actually destroy the items you intended on preserving.

Based on what is most commonly stored, here are a few tips to storing items in storage containers:

1. CDs and Books should be standing, not piled on top of each other.

While books are more forgiving in this scenario, stacking CDs on top of each other will eventually put too much weight on the bottom discs, causing possible damage. Try to store these items standing. This may take up more space than anticipated, but you can put lighter items on top or below the CDs and books to maximize your space.

2. Wrap Breakables Well

Be sure you wrap ceramics and other breakables in newspaper or bubble wrap and put them in the box carefully, making sure that there isn't too much weight on any object and that the valuables will not move around when the box is lifted and moved. To prevent this, stuff newspaper in empty crevices to make sure everything fits in snugly.

3. Wipe Everything Before Storing

The most important reminder to follow is to make sure everything is clean before you store them. Wipe the items with a soft rag or wash clothes before you put them away. Storing dirty items will just promote the growth of bacteria in your storage container, causing damage to the objects.

4. Keep Moisture Out

Finally, always put a few moisture absorbing silica gel packets to make sure no moisture gets in and wreaks havoc on your items. For very large boxes, you can put a lot of packets, or you can simply buy larger packets. Also, childproof boxes which contain items that should be kept out of the reach of children. Some boxes come with locks which require combinations. This can be one way of keeping children out.

Remember to check on your boxes every few years to make sure no bugs or rats have tried chewing through them for one reason or another. Most plastic boxes will keep for a very long time, some will even last a lifetime, but others will succumb to the wear and tear brought about by the years. So to make sure the objects you've put away last, make sure you check on the boxes that keep them.

The best plastic storage boxes to use for long term storage are airtight waterproof boxes. These will keep any item you may want to store very well, preserving the what you put inside. Apart from being airtight and waterproof, make sure the boxes you invest in are made of thick plastic, which makes them insect proof.

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